Schwachhausen is beautiful

We want to preserve the quality of living in our quarter and improve it together with its citizens.

We have initiated and shaped many projects

  • a minimum wage for projects financed by municipal funds,
  • the refurbishment of the administrative building at Riensberg cemetery,
  • public participation in the planning for an improvement of the Gete pond,
  • the introduction of a parking management for Schwachhauser Ring and
  • a preservation statute for Barkhof quarter.

Our stated goals are

Quality of living

  • the development of good land-use and development plans – for the preservation and improvement of the local townscape
  • improving the local supply by strengthening businesses and service providers

Traffic area

  • the creation of more parking space in our quarter
  • all traffic participants should be equally taken into consideration – whether travelling on four wheels, on two wheels or on foot
  • a reduction of traffic related noise

Living together

  • refugees should feel welcome
  • more opportunities should be created for the public participation of citizens in our quarter
  • handicapped accessibility should be improved – from the planning of walkways to the design of public forms

Growing up

  • child care should be improved – from the kindergarten to the day nursery